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Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

Les Giettes, Schweiz
  • Bergen
  • Mobilheime / Chalets / Lodges / Wohnwagen
  • Pods / Hütte
  • Whitepod is not just another hotel. Whitepod is an experience at the heart of the Alps. An exclusive destination for a change of mindset. Away from the crowds, Whitepod lets you live a unique experience in a preserved nature at the heart of the Swiss Alps. No noisy bars, no busy streets. Utterly still and unbelievable beautiful. Pitched at an altitude of 1400 m, Whitepod offers an unprecedented form of accommodation. Fifteen pods, dome shaped tents, serve as individual bedrooms with all the comfort of a traditional hotel. Immersed in nature, discover and appreciate the beauty of the Swiss Alps from the comfort of your very own pod. Nature is your luxury.

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